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A Tragedy turned into a Blessing

I'd like to give you a little background as to what inspired me to make a major shift in my life and start living a life that I LOVE living. Its true that sometimes it takes a major life event to wake us up! The following story is what caused me to see life in a whole new light!

The morning of August 4, 2016 I received a phone call with some tragic news and everything in my world was turned upside down. I didn't know it then but my life would forever be changed drastically. I had just talked to my sister on the phone the night before and we were making our plans for a weekend visit that next day, we were both so excited and looking forward to a fun weekend together. Those plans were interrupted by a tragic unexpected life threatening incident. A brain aneurysm. At the age of 50, only 3 yrs older than I was, my sister Maria, my lifelong best friend, had a brain aneurysm rupture and was not expected to live. I was told to get to the hospital if I wanted to say my goodbyes. What happened next is unexplainable and it changed everything for me. I was in the bathroom getting ready to make the 3 hour long trip to see my sister for the last time. The reality of this hit me and I just broke down. Then I heard her voice, loud and crystal clear, she was consoling me, telling me that she'd be okay! She needed me to be strong and patient, she asked me to give this message to her boyfriend as well. She told me that she had to let the doctors do what they needed to fix her but not to worry, she would heal and be back with us! I was shaking and could not believe this was really happening. I remember asking her if she'd remember this encounter, she didn't know. She wanted me to tell her boyfriend she loved him, she told me she loved me and not to worry or be sad, that we would be together again soon, then she was gone.

Life can and does change in an instant! My life for the next several months seemed surreal. I lived and breathed from a place of complete powerlessness and the unknown. It seemed as if everything came to a standstill in my life and this was all that existed. It completely consumed me. I held on to that experience I'd had with her and her words with all my heart and soul, I never gave up hope!

I found myself asking so many questions that I needed answers to, such as, Am I doing all the things I want to do? Have I made a difference? Am I following my heart and doing what I am meant to do or being who I am meant to be? Am I happy? The big question that kept coming up was AM I REALLY LIVING My Life? I mean the kind of LIFE where I'm excited for whats next, and do I REALLY TRULY LOVE LIFE and all it has to offer! My HONEST answer to that question was NO! Much of my life was lived in a survival mode getting through today so I could get through tomorrow and so on. I was just going through the motions, day to day, pretty much on auto pilot. My life was on repeat day in and day out. I believed I was given the life I had and I had to settle for what was given and make the best of it. I never really thought about it until a life so precious to me almost came to an abrupt end.

I began to wonder how many others in the world live like this on a daily basis? How many others are just going through the motions, doing the same thing day in and day out, like robots, thinking this is how life is, just deal with it?! This little voice was screaming at me, I knew this couldn't be all there was, there HAD to be more to life. More joy, more peace and serenity, more fulfillment, more to give, more to receive, more to see and do, more to BE and more to BECOME!

I decided that I would do everything I could to figure out how I could start living my life to the fullest and I wanted to find peace, joy and serenity. I wanted to LOVE living my life, every moment of everyday.

Witnessing my sister beating all the odds and miraculously coming through such a tragic experience opened up my eyes, heart and soul in ways I never thought possible. It taught me that our soul and spirit is an incredible, unexplainable gift that we all take so for granted. I learned that LOVE is the absolute most powerful thing we will ever know and it can and does more in our lives than we could ever understand or imagine. The power of Love IS A MIRACULOUS gift that exists in each and everyone one of us and we should use it ALWAYS! Love can save a life! I saw and learned first hand how absolutely incredibly strong the human body is and how much it can endure is UNBELIEVABLE and UNEXPLAINABLE! We are such amazing beings and I don't think most of us realize it! We should never take these incredible things called our bodies for granted.

The pain, fear and a million other emotions that I experienced during this time were very difficult and at times seemed unbearable. My belief that everything happens for a reason was constantly at the core of my being. I decided to learn the lessons from this tragic experience and I'm so glad I did, I am a different person today because of it.

This life changing experience inspired me to take a leap of faith and start my own business as a transformation life coach. I love helping others. I want to create awareness, so that precious time is always being spent in ways that are enjoyed and cherished. Life is meant to be lived not survived. Everyday should be looked forward to not feared and loathed. Most importantly life should never be taken for granted. I am so excited and grateful to be able to help others on a path of discovering a life they love living. I love sharing my story and exactly what I did to find the crucial elements to living a life I love. I offer support and guidance on a journey to this beautiful life that is possible for all of us!

I truly believe with all my heart that our lives are so special and we have infinite possibilities that are just waiting to be experienced. We do not know what tomorrow holds or even the next hour for that matter. We do have right now, we have this very moment, the present! Don't put off living the life of your dreams. Its possible! I am living proof of it!

If you find yourself asking questions like; Is there more to life? If you have a feeling of discontent and longing that just keeps coming back to the surface no matter how hard you try to push it back down. If you just cannot seem to find happiness, peace, serenity and joy no matter how hard you try. I would love to connect with you. We CAN rediscover YOU! Life is meant to be enjoyed, embraced and Lived to the fullest! Let's find the Life you are meant to be LIVING together!

I hope to connect with as many people as possible. I love to help others RE-discover themselves. As your life coach I can do this by sharing my story and offer guidance, encouragement and support as you make a decision to move toward living a life you LOVE living. I am here to inspire and guide you to follow your heart and intuition. This beautiful life is possible and waiting to be lived by each and everyone of us. Life is too precious to be wasted and we do not know what our tomorrow holds, so please don't put off YOUR DREAMS! The Time to Live your Dream is NOW!


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