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Everything Happens for a Reason

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

I am a firm believer of this now more than ever. I've had many obstacles pop up in my life as we all do, some things worse than others. I completely lost my way several times and feared that I would never find my way back. Somehow, someway I always did! The #1 reason I did is because I never gave up and I always knew and believed in my heart that whatever crisis or challenge came up, it was happening for a reason. I may not have known that reason but I had absolute FAITH that there was one. I choose to see the challenges and crises that I was faced with throughout my life as valuable lessons.

As we go through life, we struggle through difficult situations and face, sometimes absolutely devastating things. These are the times in which we grow. As human beings, we are wired in a way that growth MUST happen! As long as we are living we must grow, physically, spiritually, and emotionally! If we are not growing, we are not living, if we are not living we are dying. Sometimes pain and suffering are necessary for growth. We can call them growing pains, life lessons etc.

We are taught certain survival skills from a very young age.

We do our best with what we know, but until we know differently, we create unnecessary suffering for ourselves. Learning new ways to process and making a decision to shift the way you “think” about your challenges and obstacles will allow you to move through them quicker and with much less pain.

Each and every one of us is a work in progress. I choose to believe that everything that has happened in my life and everything that will happen are meant to be lessons helping me to grow into the absolute best version of ME possible!!


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